We know teaching your teenager to drive can be a nerve racking task already and sending them off with a stranger can only make it worst. To try to ease your mind a little bit, we thought we would explain the process of becoming a licensed instructor in the state of Ohio. In order to even be eligible to become an instructor you have to have had your license for a minimum of 5 years and less than 4 points on their current driving record. After the initial general interview with our training manager each individual has to complete a series of tasks which include:
  • 40+ hours of training with a licensed enterprise
  • Pass written instructor examination
  • Pass driving examination
  • Pass a physical (annually)
  • Submit a driving abstract (annually)
  • Take a sexual harrassment course (annually)
  • Ride-along evaluations (completed by the training manager annually)
  • Attend an 8 hour re-training course (every 3 years)
We also ask students to complete annonymous evaluations for both classroom and driving sessions that our training manager uses to help improve our teaching techniques throughout the year. 

*Note - Instructors will always pick up your student in a company car. It should say "Toledo Driving School" on both from doors and "Student Driver" on the front and back of the vehicle.*

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